The Lubbock Community Theater is looking for help from the public with roof repairs to keep the place from turning into a glorified aquarium. Recent rain storms had them all but drowning in there! They made a lighthearted video and poked a little fun at the situation to let everyone know they are accepting donations for repairs. I

It's not just the roof that needs a little TLC. They've got a list of odds and ends they need help with.

Check out their silly video below:

According to the website, Lubbock Community Theater needs a new roof, new public bathrooms, a new lobby, new curtains, and mirrors, AND, they need some help filling in a pool with concrete. Renovations have already begun and they plan to reopen next August.

I grew up doing shows with Lubbock Community Theater and it was a blast. I made so many friends and I even ended up becoming a stand-up comedian and radio personality as an adult, likely because of the performing arts skills I acquired from LCT. If you're going to donate to any organization in Lubbock, I would HIGHLY recommend helping out these guys. They are good people.

So, let's help them out! If you're interested and throwing a little cash in their direction, click here to see how you can help.

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