Not all heroes wear capes. Lubbock Power & Light employees rescued a black and white kitty from the top of an electric pole over the weekend. He had been stuck way up there for over a day. No amount of treat-bag-shaking and pleading inspired him to make the voyage back down. He needed help and his owner Priscilla Ramirez Justice was running out of ideas.

"His name is Ash. He’s 10 months old and has only been outside with his boxer cousins in the yard a handful of times but comes in when I come in. He decided to sneak out through the front as my daughter was coming in and out (I was not aware). It was feeding time and he didn’t dash to me like normal so I started searching for him. Sometimes he is so dead asleep that he just doesn’t hear me but I felt like he wasn’t inside. It was 1:20 am Sunday morning and I’m calling his name and I started to hear a meow. I walked up and down the street and found myself next door in the alley, like a prowler. I could hear him he meowing every time I called his name, even over the dogs barking. I looked side to side and heard his meows getting louder and louder and I started looking in the trees when I got a glimpse of a white speck. LP&L saved his life."

Priscilla made several desperate posts on social media looking for assistance. She called the non-emergency police number but they were unable to offer any help. An LP&L employee noticed one of her posts and left a comment that they would be coming to the kitty's rescue.

Priscilla Ramirez Justice
Priscilla Ramirez Justice

We all give LP&L a hard time for those huge electric bills every now and then, but I think rescuing a kitty deserves some big-time credit. Thank you guys for getting Ash down safely and reuniting him with his family. Mad props.

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