One of my favorite musicians and all-around persons, Ronnie Eaton is spreading his love of music.

I always loved Ronnie Eaton's Americana sound. I also like that he mixed in stuff like Alice In Chains alongside his wistful compositions. Ronnie is a big all-around music fan and he can talk country or Slipknot all day long.

Ronnie's family was uprooted to Crown Heights in Brooklyn, New York and apparently they love our cowboy from West Texas. Ronnie began teaching a guitar club and is trying to supply some "take-home" guitars for the kids. Currently, the only way the kids in the guitar club touch a guitar is once a week, while in the club.

This is a big project for sure, but Ronnies friends and family already have him halfway at his goal. If you'd like to help, you can find out more here.

One more cool note, apparently the first thing he taught the kids was the riff to Iron Man. That rules!

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