Hay! What the bale?

It appears a hay bale fell from a moving vehicle and exploded on the northwest loop, sometime Wednesday. It wasn't just a little bit of hay. It was a lotta bit of hay.

Oddly, nobody was there cleaning up their mess. Who woulda thought?

Random tires, bags of trash and cars out of gas are usually what you come across on Loop 289 in Lubbock. This must have just been a special treat, expertly planned around me driving to the store and snapping photos. I think this farmer was looking to be shamed.

So shame them, I shall. I'll have a hay day!

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I understand that losing a couple straws of hay in transport is just a matter of course, and I wouldn't expect anyone to go back for those. But an entire bale? There is NO WAY you didn't notice that flying off your truck. Instead of driving over and parking at the adjacent Academy Sports while you cleaned up your mess, you just decided to simply drive away. Rude.

Cars were swerving out of the way to avoid the mess you left, jerkface.

What's more, I imagine a couple of hungry animals would have still been okay with eating hay off the street. 10-second rule, right?

I know you didn't go back to try to help, either. When I saw your mess, I went back an hour later for photos of it, which would have given you ample time to at least do something. But no.

You were nowhere to be found, and that was the last straw.

Meme Cred: pununstoppable.com
Meme credit: pununstoppable.com

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