Well, if there's something that can be screwed up, we'll find a way.

Splash Pads Are A Great Idea

I have written about the city's need for splash pads for easily a decade. Splash pads are really cool, updated feature that many cities have implemented.  They are kind of to pools what skateparks are to regular parks. They reflect current trends, preferences and needs.

What We Lose

The city is FINALLY talking about putting in some splash pads, but what we lose in the process may be a bit too much. It turns out that the city is talking about replacing some of our more decrepit pools with splash pads. This tact is a great money-saving trade, but do we really want to be without pools?

Families Will Be Impacted

If you have a little kid, a splash pad is rockin' idea. If you have an older kid, they are what the experts like to call s.o.l. I guess some of you parents like to swim too, so you'd also be s.o.l. The fact that getting rid of pools during the middle of a Texas summer/heatwave is so spot-on "Lubbock" that it would be hard to find a better example of short-sighted thinking.

Why This Is Happening

The Lubbock economy is a bit fake. It's great that Lubbock has relatively low taxes but that has come at the cost of neglecting our infrastructure and not building new projects. What few new things we have around here were funded by private donors (and then frequently we sign on for upkeep).

What We'll Miss

If I had to define my life, the first quarter revolved around swimming. When I say swimming, I mean swimming, not just splashing around in a pool. It's just such a great, healthy activity and that may be lost forever. Private pools are great, but once again aren't usually big enough to swim a lap or really practice diving.

We Need To Play Along

I don't see people wanting to step up and fund public pools. The fact is, the folks with money around here have their own pools and think you should be happy running around in a sprinkler. I think we're stuck with either moving towards the cheaper splash pads or losing water recreation altogether. We should support these splash pads and THEN maybe lobby for a nice big public pool or two.

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