Okay, the full title of this is "Lubbock Garbage Rates Going Up, Like The Smoke They're Blowing Up Your Rear".


What can you get for twelve bucks? Well for a lot of you that's half or even most of a gas bill. How about lunch for two at a fast food restaurant. Maybe it's school lunches for your kid. Well, that's how much extra a year you'll be paying for garbage services.

The flat rate for garbage is going up one buck a month from $15.25 to $16.25. If you're a business owner you can expect those rates to go up too.  But wait a minute, since Lubbock's population is growing and there are more people to share the bills, shouldn't it go down? And were calculations really made that equaled a buck a household, or should it be eighty-three cents or something?

You can tell I'm a little off put on what seems to be a minimal amount of money. But we are constantly being hit up for a buck here and a buck there and a buck for charity when we check out at the store. These bucks add up. For those of you who aren't math wizards, I contacted one and that's close to a 6% increase. When was the last time you got a 6% raise?The other part of that is the verbiage they use to tell you that the rate is going up. Here's the opening line to the announcement:

"As of October 1, 2017 the City of Lubbock has adjusted its solid waste rate structure"

Uh, you didn't adjust squat. You raised the rate a buck. That's not an adjustment, that's an increase. Don't pee on our legs and tell us it's raining. GIve it to us straight and we'll deal. I just can't handle this shady language.


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