How does this sound: "Lubbock, where cotton is king and cheese is queen"?

Evidently, Lubbock will have a giant cheese-making facility courtesy Leprino Foods Company in its future. I guess we have to be very specific at this time and say, "a giant MOZZARELLA cheese-making facility. So let's start breaking this down.

I put my ojos on the Wiki and it says that mozzarella is traditionally made with Italian buffalo milk. I don't think we'll be importing any Italian buffalos here, and if so, I expect them to speak American, dangit. It also doesn't appear that any buffalo milk will be used; instead, farm-fresh cow squeezings from right around here will be utilized. I like that a lot. Anytime we can throw more bones towards our farmers and ranchers is a good thing.

The plant is supposed to be around the North Loop and 19th Street, which is way the heck out there. There's one concern I have, and that's me wondering what the funk that comes out of cheese plant smells like. But wait, there's more.

Don't forget, that unless my geography is wonkerjawed, that's also where we get the smell of the Amarillo feed lots blowing in. Do you smell what I'm cooking here? Yeah, sounds like there's a good chance that we'll be smelling some cheese-flavored cow patties. The combo of these two could give Lubbock the kind of aroma that you can't just wash out of your nose.

That's a small concern, and I'm stoked for all the wonderful jobs it will bring and the money that will flow to our farmers. Personally, I'm going to invest in clothespins, because people will need those for their noses on windy days.

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