I have to say that this doesn't feel correct, but maybe I'm suffering from some kind of Stockholm Syndrome.

I generally think of Lubbock as a happy place. It sure seems that there are more people who are friendly and smiling than not. I guess underneath that smile lurks some very different feelings.

Wallethub is back with another survey, this time listing "The Happiest Cities In America". I popped in and looked for Lubbock, and I looked, and I looked, then I looked further down, then a little below that was Lubbock listed as #161 out of 182. Let's just go ahead and call that "bottom twenty" even if it's a digit off.

So why would folks be grumbly? The survey was based mainly on three categories, "Emotional & Physical Well-Being", "Income & Employment", and "Community & Environment".  You can drill down right here on how those things were figured, but we did so poorly on "Emotional & Physical Well-Being" (#163)  and "Community & Environment" (#155) that they drug down a pretty decent score for "Income & Employment" (#58).

So just for grins, let's say this is your final straw. Where should you go? Well, if you wanted to stay close and improve just a little bit, Albequerque comes in #128. If you wanted to stay a Texan, then the "Happiest Place In Texas" is Plano at #29.

You can say what you want about surveys like this, but the metrics used are pretty compelling. Even if you don't believe the results, you should believe that they are a pretty good indication of what's really happening.

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