Last years "Lubbock Music Now" seemed to come out of nowhere to me. Knowing a number of musicians, I couldn't believe I didn't hear of it until it was already done. This year, the good folks at Civic Lubbock gave me a heads up.

Live music background
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Submissions will be taken until the 30th of this month. They only take .wav files which is actually kind of good since you don't have to have a physical c.d. I also very much like the fact that one of the rules is that you have to have had "at least two paying gigs in the last year". That tells fact tells me that they are serious about honoring the "scene" and not just people dropping in to get something on a c.d.

If you're interested in the project, find out more here.  I'd sure like to see more familiar names and more rock on this years c.d.

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