I've written several times about the fact that Lubbock doesn't really have an identity. We can claim Buddy Holly, but that just doesn't give you much to move forward with. Sadly, promoting music has lacked a cohesive effort.

Suzi McGregor
Suzi McGregor

Austin really has captured the live music title. Plainview has their painted cows. San Antonio has the Riverwalk. So, what about Lubbock? How about we choose something that would not only be functional but add to the general aesthetic around here?

Why not windmills? Heck, we have them etched into the sides of our overpasses. We have the American Wind Power Center. We used to also have other places named after or featuring windmills. Surely having windmills all over would also make up for a lack of trees.

So, what does it take to make something like this happen? First and foremost, a city-wide effort to promote the placement of windmills in public spaces and places. There's a side benefit, too: Even small windmills would be more than enough to power a lot of LED lighting.

We've all seen the giant windmills outside of town and know the benefits of their use. Maybe it's time to bring some smaller versions into the Hub City as conversation pieces and small power generators.


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