When was the last time you picked up a newspaper in Lubbock? A friend of mine got one for the first time in a long time and immediately noticed a pretty big boo-boo at the top of the page. Whoops.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash
Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Check it out below:

It's not that big of a deal, guys. It's just kind of funny to misspell the name of your city, right below the proper spelling. Haha. But, listen... I really can't poke too much fun at a typo. I make mistakes all the time in my articles that I don't notice until my dad calls and harasses me about it while I'm trying to relax at home in the evening. He has a Ph.D. in English and never lets me slide. It drives me completely nuts.

There was also another minor error in the newspaper today...

Landon King
Landon King

Looks like an advertisement was missing, too. Bummer. I bet someone is in a little bit of trouble this morning.

Honestly, you know the news is slow in Lubbock if you have time to write an article about the paper making a typo. So, we should just all be grateful that nothing crazy is going on in town and we have time to muse about silly things.

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