Pearl Jam in Lubbock will 100 percent go down as one of the most epic performances ever in the Hub City.

A quick check of the Amazon store shows only three copies of the double-disc live recording are available. The used copies will run you $20 plus change, and some psycho is selling one "like new" under the guise that it's "collectible" for $124.99.

It certainly was a great night -- from the rippin' version of "Corduroy" to the cover of Buddy Holly's "Every Day" to the last final notes of "Yellow Ledbetter."

It's a sobering thought that it's been 20 years since Pearl Jam visited Lubbock. It was so long ago that alcohol wasn't served at the show. It was so long ago that Creed headlined an even bigger show the same week. Yep, those were the days and your chance to get some of those memories are going away with these last three CDs.

The Lubbock show was also featured in the tour film "Touring Band" with a performance of "Parting Ways." I've got the performance ready for you below:

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