These things work, even though they shouldn't.

The Lubbock Police Department announced on  Facebook that they have four new speed control devices to deploy around the Hub City. You've probably encountered these types of devices before. The devices usually have the posted speed limit displayed on them, then show the speed you're actually traveling as you approach the sign.

The fact of the matter is these things shouldn't work. You probably know when you're going a little too fast and you just may not care. Also, all these things do is make you aware of how fast you're going and do not photograph you, write you a ticket or mete out any other type of punishment. In reality, these things do nothing except hopefully shame you for going too fast.

Still, they work.

There's something a little intimidating about these things, especially when you're around other drivers. It's one thing to cheat a speed limit a bit, but for the people around you to see you're a cheater makes people slow. Sometimes you don't even want to speed and these things serve as a great visual reminder to watch it. There's just something about these things that make you feel like Robocop could spring out from behind them and laser-blast you into oblivion for going too fast.

Kudos to the Lubbock Police Department on the wise purchase. Apparently, the LPD was allotted some of those American Rescue Plan funds and decided this was the way to go. This is quality policing and a welcome addition to the community.

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