I think we've all heard the saying, 'if the cops catch you doing over 100, you could go straight to jail' before.

To me, that old saying/statement always sounded like a rumor people just passed around -- like, 'if you step on a crack, you'll break yo' mamas back,' except just a little more believable. The police in Lubbock just proved that the saying is no myth.

Apparently, Lubbock police were working one of those former accident scenes (you know, like the one you get annoying updates on your phone about) and a white Dodge Charger blew past them on the service road at an estimated speed of over 110. Catching up with the driver proved to be no problem for the po-po, who proceeded to arrest the driver for reckless driving and take him to jail. (All of the info is in the Facebook post below.)

Let me say straight up that I have a heavy foot, especially when the flow of traffic has a heavy foot, but speeding on an access road really is putting lives in jeopardy. There are too many people getting out of or into parking lots and side streets and in some cases actual houses, duplexes and apartments close by. Once again, this isn't somebody just blowing past you in the left-hand lane of the Loop or Interstate. This is a place with real road hazards happening all the time.

I don't know what kind of punishment the driver will get, but I suspect it's probably not enough. If I was shooting a gun down my alley, I would expect that someone would be by to take my gun. I doubt anyone is going to take this guy's car or even his license. My guess is that he'll face a hefty fine and maybe have problems getting insurance.

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