This one is odd, confusing, and ultimately understandable all at one time.

Lubbock County is still farm country. It certainly isn't as much farm as it used to be, but there's still a heck of farmland here and close by. So the problem is, "what" we grow on those farms?  How about a tasty bit of sorghum straight off the stalk? Maybe you want to eat pieces of cotton-like popcorn? I think you're seeing the problem here.

You could also take that problem into the area of livestock. Lubbock Country proper doesn't have a ton of livestock that is raised for meat. Most of the tasty delicious animals tend to prefer climates other than ours.

This brings us to the list of the "Best Cities To Eat Local Food" by the website Lawnstarter.  Actually, it brings us to the bottom of the list of the "Best Cities To Eat Local Food". Out of the top 200 cities, Lubbock placed 195 (Ouch!).

All of this is boiled down with criteria such as "U pick local farms" and "Butcher Shops per square mile". One of the categories is even "wineries per square mile" and that didn't seem to help our rating too much.

It is a tiny bit troubling to think that if for some reason supply liners were interrupted that we'd have all this land around here and nothing to eat. You'd think someone would at least take advantage of all of the wide-open space around here and throw up some greenhouses.

Then again, maybe the criteria weren't 100% spot on because my neighbor grows squash and zucchini like a beast. Lastly, it is time to start planting, so you might want to consider producing a little local food of your own.

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