Well, this is an interesting turn of events.

This Is A Good Thing

Some lists you want to be at the top of and some you want to be at the bottom of. For instance, being called "The Top College Town" could actually be a little bit of an insult based on the criteria being used, and the same goes for "The Worst College Town".

Where We're At

Fortunately for Lubbock, Texas, we placed at #30 out of #153 medium-sized college towns. This would be behind, or alongside,  the top 68 large-sized college towns and above the 193 small college towns. In research like this, being top 30 is not a bad thing at all.


Lubbock actually picked up #106 overall, which again is a good spot to show the town is good for college kids, but we don't let them overwhelm or run the city (at least not too much).

So What Was Lubbock Rated On?

The research was conducted by Wallethub with three major areas being covered including "wallet friendliness", "social environment" and "academic and economic opportunities".  Wallethub then breaks things down to various criteria and scores those questions to bring everything together. The fact is, you really can't dispute Wallethub's methodology in coming up with these results.

Credit: Lubbock
Credit: Lubbock

Hot Take On Lubbock, The Hub City

The Hub City definitely has its pros and cons when it comes to college kids. While we lack a lot of major attractions, I think there is plenty to do here on a college kid's budget. We have enough distractions to keep life fun, but not so many that you're going to forget about why you're here in the first place.  #30 and #106 for Lubbock as a college town, I think we'll take it!

Source: WalletHub

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