Lately, Lubbock's Rock, Paper, Shears (1103 Main St) has been my favorite First Friday Art Trail stop. That isn't to say that other venues aren't amazing, it's just that Rock, Paper, Shears is really special. Great atmosphere, great friends and great vibes. The salon itself is a work of art, and I always discover some amazing new painting or object every time I visit. I know my experience will be the same during this upcoming First Friday Art Trail (November 4th).

Rock, Paper, Shears will host "Nude November" with nude figure art from the incomparable James Johnson and Robert Garza. Additionally, Garza will be live sketching a "near nude" model from 7:45- 8:45 p.m. Resident artists will have work on display as well. Since there will be fully nude art on the wall, the squeamish or the prudish have tons of other FFAT options and may wish to avoid this stop. Or if you have kids with you and aren't looking to have that conversation on that night.

The event will also have tarot readings available along with vendors selling handmade goods like jewelry, soaps, candles and purses/ handbags. Christmas is  coming up quick and I can't think of a more pleasant shopping experience. I am horribly biased though, I know and love all the vendors that will be present.

First Friday Art Trail is quite honestly the best reoccurring event in Lubbock. There's many awesome galleries and venues, tons of jaw-droppingly beautiful and unique art, and it's a great opportunity to run into friends. If you've never been before, I highly encourage you to take advantage of this free monthly cultural event. I even have a guide on how to have the best time ever at FFAT.

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