It's crazy how this new Metallica is ***BLOWING UP***.

Metallica only let me down once, and that was, of course, St. Anger. Even then I knew that it wasn't Metallica that let me down, that was a choice that the producer made (I guess Metallica could have told him to do that, but who knows?). My favorite two Metallica albums are Ride The Lightning and Death Magnetic. I just like the classic and the more experimental, and I can't wait to hear what 72 Seasons has in store.

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Metallica toured the heck out of the previous album, Hardwired...To Self Destruct, even playing a show in Lubbock. They rode that album so long that it's hard to believe that it officially came out in 2016. Maybe that's why people are making such a big deal about 72 Seasons, it's been 7 years (that sounds so off, I had to count it three times).  I guess that's just too long between Metallica albums for a lot of folks.

Pictured: Insets of the respective album artwork for Metallica's (L-R_ 'Death Magnetic,' 'St. Anger' and 'Hardwired…' albums

Metallica will premiere the new album "72 Seasons" globally for one night only on April 13th. A quick check of the film site reveals that, as of now, it's only listed as being at Alamo Draft House. As of this writing, the seats were already half sold out!

The band plans to show videos for every song on the album along with interviews and "a few surprises that you don't want to miss" (live performance?).

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I don't guess we even have to tell you how down we are with Metallica. They are the single most important band to our radio station and still treated us, and the city of Lubbock like superstars when they came to town. This is an incredibly exclusive opportunity for those who make the showing. Get your tickets right now if you want to go. 

image courtesy Blackened Recordings
image courtesy Blackened Recordings

Metallica In Lubbock

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