Sometimes I have to write a blog just because responding to stuff on the Internet hurts my brain. At issue is someone still pissed that "Metallica killed Napster." First off, how long has that stick been up your ass? 14 years?

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Yep, it's been over 14 years since Metallica spoke up about illegal downloading.

Most of you won't remember that Metallica was actually an innovator in the field of LEGAL downloading. Instead, you want to defend your right to steal.

First off, let's go to Kindergarden:

"OK class, what is it called when you take something that doesn't belong to you?"


"Good, kids!"

There you go! Even five-year olds can understand it. If you take something that doesn't belong to you, it's stealing. If you don't pay for something that people are charging for, it's stealing.

I can't walk up to your garage sale and just take one of your shitty chairs, can I? No one is doubting that the music industry was a bloated, corrupt mess; but so is the diamond industry and many others.

But YOU don't get to decide what a product is worth; the owner does.

Saying 'music is so sh*tty and there's only one good song on the album, so I'm just going to download it' is wrong, and every time you do that an artist, a songwriter, a record company, the place they have lunch, the delivery man, the music store owner and scores more don't get paid.

This has resulted in a SERIOUS lack of investment by record companies into young talent. Want to know why concert tickets and T-shirts are so high ($35 for a $4 t-shirt!)? It's because you stole the music and the band still has to make a living. 

So let me say this: Metallica was hardly the driving force behind trying to stop illegal downloading. They were just the face of the issue. It really shows a lack of a depth of thinking to believe otherwise.

Secondly, illegal downloaders (pirates) are the ones who should be hated because they have ruined generations of music by stealing income from musicians. A thief is a thief is a thief -- whether you are stealing music or stealing money.

Sorry for the truth bomb, but facts are facts. Don't complain about music, especially if you steal it. Don't complain about bands if you steal from them. Instead, wonder how you would react if I went to your plumbing business and stole some pipes I needed because 'well, I need it and it's not that good of pipe anyways.'

Note: This post has gone viral and I thought some followup was necessary.  Here's some responses to the feedback I received.