This is another "response blog". At issue is a guy who denied that the cost of band tees was driven up by revenue lost from illegal downloading.  First off, fellow...I'm in the business. I know these things.  Second, I have what are called "facts".  Third, if you want, I could get Morgan Rose of Sevendust on the phone (among others) and he'll tell you that they've never made a dime on record sales, that t-shirts and other merchandise are what feeds their family (I actually heard him say this in an interview).


First, did you know that t-shirts were invented for the U.S. Navy?  That's just a cool fact that I came across. Next is the quote I got from this guy that "concert t-shirts have always been expensive".  Uh, no.  I polled a few of my friends and asked them "what was the least you've ever paid for a concert t-shirt? It seems that prior to the 80's shirts were almost always under ten bucks and usually about $8 (Iron Maiden, Journey).  I have a Judas Priest British Steel shirt shirt that ran $10.  I remember IN the 80's shirts were about $12.50.  Now shirts will run you between $30 and $35.  Now, if you Google "wholesale t-shirts" you can buy one for $1.49, so the cost of making the actual t-shirt hasn't gone up much, just the cost of having your favorite bands logo has.  Now, one of your nerds can go calculate inflation if you want, but I've had enough math for today.

One more thing about band t-shirts that has changed in my lifetime. When I was kid, if you wore a band t-shirt but didn't actually go to a concert, you'd get your ass beat.  Now pre-teens wear Ramones and Misfits tees and they've never even heard of either bands music.

So there you go. Nessman for the win again.