At this point, we've all seen this guy

I don't really care if people wear masks (if they're not around me); you do you if you're not in my space. I'll just walk around you, go the other way or go to another store. I feel good that I do my part and wear a mask, and you can take satisfaction in not being 'a tool of the government' or whatever weird fantasy you subscribe to.

By now, we've all seen that one guy who wears a mask on his chin, under his nose, or in whatever way makes them semi-compliant with store policy (once again, revel in your dickish-ness, big guy). I saw one this week while shopping and I went about my business. By now, we all know the type. He's older, looks a little pissed just to be there, and just generally has an 'I'm better than this' attitude.

Then, as I was leaving, I saw all the kids working at the place. Happy, fresh-faced kids probably working their first job and just as happy as clams that they'll be able to have a little cash without asking dad or mom. What about those kids? I'm not even talking about fairness here. I'm talking about the health of those kids. Why would you possibly let Mr. Half-Mask infect these kids?

Trust me, if Mr. Half-Mask isn't complying with your health requirements, he's pulling all kinds of crap. Replace him with another person that's happy to have the job. You did your part hiring a man that retired or was laid off from some other job probably because he committed microaggressions there. You gave him a chance. He could have been a leader. He could have been a father figure. He decided to be a jerk.


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