May 3rd is National Paranormal Day, and I have a doozy for you. The following is a true story. No drugs or alcohol were involved.

Somewhere around 20 years ago, I went to a company get-together in Estes Park, Colorado. Yes, that Estes Park, home of the hotel that inspired The Shining. We actually stayed in the hotel and had various meetings and activities there. We also had some free time.

I have to say that I feel like I'm more of a "rock guy" than a "radio guy," so when the after-hours chatter turned to radio things, I got a little bored. I decided to go sit out on the front porch of the Stanley Hotel (next to a Stanley Steamer) and have a smoke. It was just me and the dark.

Now you need to know that the Stanley Hotel basically sits at the bottom of a bowl with a horseshoe of trees that curves around the back and lines the sides. It certainly is a vision, and it's easy to see how one of the world's scariest stories took place on the grounds. Back to our story.

I was sitting on the porch, no one around, dead quiet, just me and my Marlboro Light, and I looked up and there was a huge wolf looking at me from may 50 yards away. I kind of just thought to myself, 'this can't be happening.'

I was looking into the eyes of this thing and it started moving closer and closer to me. It closed about half the distance between us. I looked over to make sure I had an escape route to get back inside. I was about 10 feet from the door, so it wasn't panic time yet. But when I looked back at the wolf, it was gone.

If this had been a real wolf, it would have had to run probably 30-40 yards to get to the trees, so I feel like it just kind of disappeared.

That's right, my paranormal experience was with a ghost wolf, and I swear this story is true.

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