Why do we play the National Anthem before ball games?

The real answer is, the National Anthem was added to ball games to add a dose of patriotism during World War I and especially World War II. Now let's get to the real why.

Why have the National Anthem at ball games? Ball games kind of don't matter in the grand scheme of things. There are some people trying to make hay out of the fact that Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks have decided to not have the National Anthem before their games. (Note: The NBA may force him to anyway.)

Why people would get worked up about this is beyond me. Sing it on your way to the stadium in your car or out front if you want.

I made the point on air that it actually makes more sense to sing the anthem at a sandwich shop than at a ball game. A sandwich shop has products from American farmers and served by American workers. So, why don't we sing before we get a sandwich?

And what does it mean to see basketball players standing at attention? Wouldn't it make more sense if police started their day with the National Anthem? Cuban made this point himself by saying, "ask your boss why you don't start your day with the National Anthem."

Not having this every single time at every single ball game is not a bad or unpatriotic thing either. I think it should be a special presentation instead of just a moment when you're trying to figure out where to put your nachos while you stand. It should be a big deal and not just a routine thing.

I'll solve this problem with one more idea, too. How about playing the National Anthem five minutes after a game instead of five minutes before? The answer is, because all of these fake-ass patriots wouldn't stick around, they'd bail late in the 4th just to avoid it.

The National Anthem is important. Having it in front of a silly game is not. Don't fall for the fake controversies.

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