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My sweet lunchtime dreams were interrupted by our doorbell ringing. I guess people think that "no soliciting" doesn't include autographs on petitions.

Fortunately for the "concerned citizen," my wife answered the call because I was none too happy about being woken up. Still, my unhappiness at the house call doesn't color the flavor of my opinion on this topic.

After the travesty of the Lubbock Coliseum/Lubbock Auditorium being torn down (I'm not mad about it being torn down, I'm mad about it being neglected to the point where that was the only option), Lubbock voted for a small hotel/motel tax to fund a new Expo Center.

I'm 100 percent behind the idea as a rodeo grounds, but I do think they should be barred from live music. I don't have a problem with the music; I think it's pretty terrible for the County to compete with private business.

So let's get to the meat of the matter. Our friends with the ABC Rodeo have pumped enormous amounts of money into local charities while increasing tourism for Lubbock. In short, we need to support them. So when someone comes to my door and starts with the same old fearmongering tactics, I'm going to call them out on it.

The Expo Center/Rodeo Grounds will be at Loop 289 & University. It's pretty much across from the state school and on the other side of busted up parking lots that used to be mobile home dealerships that went out of business. We have a new Stripes on the corner, but other than that, there's nothing out here; it's cotton fields.

Still, the petition holder wanted to complain about "traffic and alcohol" coming into our neighborhood.

First up, again, the Expo Center will be at University and Loop 289. As of right now, there's ZERO chance of anyone coming through the neighborhood, unless they live here.

Secondly, I'm a little tired of alcohol being used as a fear tactic. Alcohol is all around us. They can now get beer at Stripes and about 10 blocks up at the supermarket. I'm sure there's hard liquor around here, too, I just haven't needed to find it.

I look forward to the development out here and, more importantly, I understand that this type of thing is necessary for Lubbock to grow and prosper. I'm not going to be one of these 'we need it but not in my neighborhood jerks.'

I have no idea what the real intent of a petition to stop this thing is, but it's better to come clean than to try the same old fear-mongering tactics. In other words, let's make this Expo Center happen, and be careful whose doorbell you ring.

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