Well, this is a heck of a change!

Drop that 770-KFMX like a hot rock, the new digits are 547-KFMX, or more correctly, 806-547-5369.  Put that phone number into your phone NOW before you need it (the old number is still "ringing" but we can't see it or answer it).

806-547-KFMX is now our main line to call into the RockShow and to win. If you hear us say "call now" then 806-547-KFMX is the number to call. Have I convinced you to set your phone down and get this done, right now?  Okay, now that we have that covered, let's jump around a bit before I show you something cool.

The RockShow has also changed some of its contact information. Of course, you can always hit the show up on Facebook here. If you'd like to join the RoadCrew and sample the topics ahead of time you can do that here. You can hook up with Chrissy's comedy page right here. Also, I have launched a new graphically rich page that will be totally public and totally sharable (something I haven't done since Facebook started) you can become a "Nessmaniac" here.

Now, let's look at something fun, then page down and let's chat:


I don't know how this survived in our control room for so long.  This list is so old it has the number for the Ralph's Records on 4th Street on it. It also has the weather line and some other junk as well.

Well, just in case I was so entertaining that you were reading and not doing, go ahead and put that number 806-547-5369 in your phone under "FMX".

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