You do know a 774-acre lake is planned for Lubbock, right?

We have a new Lubbock adjacent lake planned for the future. Unless things go sideways, future Lubbockites will have a new place for drinking water, recreation and chillin'. We need to learn the lessons from Buffalo Springs Lake and treat this new lake differently.

Starting at the top, Jim Bertram Lake (AKA Lake #7) should be overseen by the City of Lubbock.

We do not need another lake board made up of grumpy homeowners who don't like visitors on "their" property.

There should be no private ownership of land near the lake.

This goes back to no. 1, but needs to be spelled out. This lake should be for the people of Lubbock since it will be funded (at least the upkeep).by the people of Lubbock.

The lake should be accessible to everyone from Lubbock.

It should be run like a beach with no admission charge, but a small parking charge to help provide some funds for upkeep.

There's no reason for Lubbock to get into the bar business.

We don't need a cantina, and concessions should be handled by private groups like they are in city parks and playing fields.

Lubbock also shouldn't be in the event business.

There will be those who want to put speedboats or inflatables or chili cookoffs at the new lake. How about we let this lake, which is ultimately a source of drinking water, just be a lake?

How about a law not allowing any machine-powered vehicles of any kind?

We don't need the oil, the paint or even the traffic from the boating crowd. This lake should be peaceful with swimming and fishing only.

The lake should be kept clean, partially by volunteers.

We can have regular park maintenance crews, but there should also be adopt a beach programs for local businesses and civic organizations.

We have time to work these things out.

We still have 17-20 years to make plans for this lake, which (hopefully) will be located in a scenic location about 5 miles outside the East Loop. We should take that time to put together a solid plan to keep it from being the clusterfluffy that we're currently dealing with.

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