Papa Roach is back with a new track and it rules!

Papa Roach continue to reinvent themselves. There's a new kind of sound here, but underneath it's the Papa Roach we all know and love.

The new video for "Who Do You Trust?" is hilarious too, with several breaks for comedy. I especially like the report on "Hurricane Tobin." Let's also not ignore that massive push broom that frontman Jacoby is sporting over his upper lip in his alternate role as TV anchor Larry Dickman.

If this doesn't get you pumped for Papa Roach's show in Lubbock, I don't know what will. This band keeps coming back with fresh rock that is undeniable. You can pick up tickets to the show here, or sign up to win tickets here. We'll also have an EXCLUSIVE chance to score tickets for folks who've downloaded the FMX app and turned on push notification, so keep your eyes open soon.

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