I'm going to go ahead and call some people out on this one.

I wish on occasion people would look at a situation and say, 'what are the stupid people going to say about this?'

One of the places that's being contracted to help administer COVID-19 vaccinations, if one becomes available, has tracking chips on the outside of the syringes.


Actually, the microchip allows where and when an injection was given and not to whom.

The fact of the matter is that these needles are just too small to allow for RIFD chips to pass through. And while it may not be mentioned, I think the manner in which an injection is given for inoculation and the way a chip would be implanted are different, too.

Still, what this is eventually going to lead to is many people not getting vaccinations because they are afraid they're being chipped. I'm just going to go ahead and stand by my previous comments that the people most afraid of being chipped are the ones that are not worthy of a chip. (We already know how to find you, anyway: you publicly announce this nonsense on your Facebook page).

The only problem with people not taking the vaccine is that it slows up herd immunity and puts some people who can't have vaccines at risk. Other than that, I'm good with it. You go ahead and go to the back of the line. I'll take my chances on living rather than living scared of some really patently ignorant scenario. 

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