The scariest place in Lubbock becomes the sweetest place this Sunday.

Nightmare On 19th Street is known for its super-scary four attractions and 1.25 miles of scares. For one hour this Sunday (most) of the scary gets put away for a modest little trick or treat on our midway.

First, let's clarify the amount of scary. We now have three VERY large sculptures on our midway. Here's the spookiest of them all:

Wes Nessman
Wes Nessman

If your kid wouldn't be frightened by that (and he's much less scary during the day), then they'll probably do okay. The other two oversized sculptures are also skeletons, but they are bit more comic in presentation so they shouldn't frighten the little ones.

We attempt to limit the Trick Or Treat to the first 500, or to about sixty minutes. It's a very simple path that only takes about ten minutes or less for the kids to navigate. Along the way, we have maybe a dozen stops for candy and a photo op or two. Oh, and while supplies last, Blue Bell Ice Cream for the finale!

Also on Mayhem Midway this year will be our returning friends, Malicious Moparz, and our favorite superheroes, the Lubbock Guardians. We think we'll also have a surprise guest from a new toy store opening in town!

Lastly, we have to thank the good folks at United Supermarkets. Thanks to their participation we're able to have twice as many goodies to pass out.

Nightmare Little Kids Trick Or Treat

Gallery Credit: R.Flores

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