It takes planning to be certified "Lubbock Safe."

First off, you need to know that I, Wes Nessman, am a co-owner of Nightmare On 19th Street. You also need to know that this is my hobby/therapy/exercise, and since it's not my employment, I don't need to take shortcuts to make a buck. This means we will have a very high level of enforcement. I know we can make it a fun night, but we want it to be a very safe night as well.

Let's start with masks. Masks that cover the face and nose will be mandatory at all times in the park. From there, we will be requiring social distancing of six feet between groups and our actors (who will also have mouth/nose coverings) will be instructed to not be closer than three feet.

Hand sanitizing stations will be available through the park and mandatory for entry into the spinning tunnel in the Krampus attraction. It's also important to mention that traffic through the park is essentially a giant U-shape, so you shouldn't ever be face-to-face with other patrons.

We have almost no surfaces that should ever be touched, except for the aforementioned spinning tunnel rails. But all railings, even if rarely used, will be sterilized at least every 30 minutes.

We have downsized our hours and days open to put even less stress on the scare-actors and crew. Lastly, all tickets must be purchased in advance (and are on sale now). Even if you show up on-site without a ticket, you will be asked to purchase one on your phone.

So there you have it. Can we still scare you? Uh...100 percent. It's going to be fun, too. The lines may on occasion look long, but since they will be single file and six feet between groups, they will move fast.

I hope you find the event worthy of your time. I will be posting some videos once we open if you'd like to see all of this in action. I hope you have a happy Halloween with Nightmare On 19th Street.

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