I guess in today's social media, dumb rises to the top.

Or maybe I should say that when it comes to information on the internet, sh*t floats.

The latest memes floating around are claiming that CO2 gas could build up inside your mask and make you pass out! This could lead to dangerous accidents like passing out while driving, etc. 

Well, I guess if that was the case, we'd already be spiking our seasonal peak of people running cars into houses in Lubbock, now wouldn't we?

First off, let's get that driving thing out of the way. You don't need to be wearing a mask while driving unless there are people in the vehicle you want to protect. You really only need to wear a mask when you're going to be around other people or places where people have very recently been.

Now, let's get on to that whole "suffocating on gas" kind of thing. I'm not really going to explain science to the idiots out there, so let's just go with the fact that you haven't heard about surgeons or nurses stacked up like cord-wood passed out in hospitals.

If everyone wore masks for a bit, we'd get past all of this a little quicker and threats of another shutdown would diminish. I don't know who's using this anti-mask thing; it's almost like it's Russian bots who want us to get infected and die.

Even if you don't believe masks help, wear one just out of consideration for those of us who do. Just be a good person, we promise it won't hurt.

*Now I realize some of you have already scurried off to Facebook to post a fake medical meme, but here's a guy who wore much more intense masks every day for over 10 years:

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