Quick: you're such a Pepe Le Pew fan, tell me what his original name was?

Pepe Le Pew was named "Stinky" when he was introduced in 1945. For those of you keeping track, that was 66 years ago. That's tops among the reasons why this just does not matter.

Now close your eyes and try to think of a scene featuring Mr. Le Pew. You came up with the scene of him trying to hug the cat while it tried to get away. That's the problem. Pepe's entire personality is wrapped up in the fact that he was trying to molest a cat.

But you're a 'big fan.' Okay, then you already have the cartoons, the shirts and a Pepe Le Pew tattoo. So why are you worried that there's no new Pepe Le Pew? Maybe you didn't even notice that there hasn't been any new Pepe Le Pew cartoons because we knew he was being a jerk 50 years ago.

Pepe Le Pew is no more than a rape-y skunk. Do you still want to defend him? How about this: go have your son hug girls until they make out with them -- or worse, let little boys hold your girl down until she kiss them. I know you want to say, 'it's just a cartoon, people know the difference between cartoons and real life.' They do. They know in real life this is skeezy, rape-y behavior, and new cartoons shouldn't be made until this character gets a makeover.

Would you even be comfortable if this was a cartoon with Bart Simpson or Beavis and Butthead holding down girls? If you would, got ahead and type that answer below so we can have the authorities look into you.

There's no new Le Pew. Go get the old stuff if you want. Kids don't care about your grandpa's cartoons anyways. They're out there watching new stuff that is far less molest-y.

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