Are You "Conservative", "Liberal" Or "Conservaberal"?

I heard Rick Santorum on the t.v. say he's the true "conservative". Guess what Rick, I'm not simple minded like the rest of America and I'm not falling for it. Now this isn't an article about Santorum, but how the candidates fight over stupid stuff that really doesn't mean anything to us.  Read more after the break.


So the republican candidates LOVE to fight over the word "conservative" and throw out the word "liberal".  I'm not one who thinks that a persons entire ideology can be summed up in one word, but unfortunately, these people do. Somewhere, some time ago, a campaign adviser probably did some research and found that those words "move the needle" for candidates.  The problem is, these people put themselves in a box and then they are forced to live there.

I've mentioned this before, but I've been reading a great history book called "Don't know much about history". It's the history of the U.S. with out the candy-coating or whitewashing that goes into school text books. The republican party was founded on an almost complete bare-bones government and strict adherence to the constitution.  The mere thought of any government intervention in any facet of your life was WAY off limits. Somewhere on the way though, the Republicans started kow-towing to the religious right and at the point, everything went to hell.  The original republicans wouldn't care if you had religion or what version, they wouldn't care if you smoked pot, and in short, they would not EVER try to legislate your morality.

So, there are those of us who believe in the smallest government possible, but we're forced to vote democratic because we don't want the system dictating our morality. The republican party and the easy labels like "conservative" have turned a good thing schizophrenic.

So what don't I like about democrats? Simply put, I don't believe in hand outs (as the saying goes, I believe in "hand ups").  I believe in "liberal" thinking, but not in "liberal" spending. I don't believe in anti-gun legislation and while I don't think any democrats currently are sponsoring legislation of that type, the last time it cropped up that's where it came from .  I also believe that  at times democrats have been a little soft on supporting our military, and that is inexcusable under ANY party.

So here's your dilemma, with these candidates of the past years painting themselves in black and white terms, you can either have the government in your pocket, or in your life. These two choices are simply not acceptable. I don't know what it's going to take for someone with big balls to step up and claim that middle ground, because I truly believe what most people want.  We need a candidate to strip mine our government, only keeping the best parts, simplifying things and staying out of our personal lives and beliefs.

I don't know what it's going to take for a REAL third party to spring up, but that is probably the solution.  The two-party system is so entrenched in these cheap and easy labels to ever nominate a candidate who alienates a small simple minded core group of their party.

Anyways, to wrap up, when I hear a candidate from any party throwing around words like "conservative" or "liberal" I know that that person is out of ideas; they're just throwing around what they thing are "hot-button' words. Guess what, I don't care what you call yourself, I only care about what you are. I am smart enough to see beyond labels.

Now, I said the last sentence was the "wrap up" and it is, I just want to see how far on or off base I am, so now correct me if I'm wrong, but here's the platform of the "White Chocolate" 3rd party, a party I think you'd join.

No welfare, only work-fare for able bodied people.

No federal legislation or laws when it comes to personal health or morality issues. (and yes this means gay rights and marriage)

No restrictions on the right to bear arms.

An immediate halt to "drug wars" here and abroad.

An immediate halt to all foreign aid until the U.S. budget is balanced.

A strong and well compensated U.S. military.

Strengthening U.S. borders AND coming up with a sensible immigration plan.

All government representatives to be paid the same salary as whatever the "median" income of the average American is (that'll get 'em working on the economy).

What do you think? Can I be your supreme leader?



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