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There's a lot going on here, and I'd like to take the time to dissect it.

First off, this guy is paying off a bet. He literally said, "if you do that, I'll break chopsticks with my butt." He lost the bet.

What I like about this video is pretty simple: it shows that being a jackass is universal. His friends are just sitting around having snacks and beers while they watch him snap chopsticks with his ass. They have the same reactions that we would have if we watched someone do this. THIS is how we bring people together, by being stupid together.

The physics/mechanics of these are also incredibly intriguing to Wes. He THINKs what he is doing is cradling the chopsticks under each butt cheek then flexing inward (the ol' pelvic thrust) to give him the momentum to snap the chopstick. He THINKs that's why the first part of the video is censored. Later on, he's shown doing the stunt with underwear on, but Wes doesn't think he's getting the assist from his drawers.

Wes won't drop this topic and continues to try to find out the science behind this, but he doesn't have enough butt to hold a chopstick (he substituted a pencil) under a butt cheek. I believe he thinks he can take the show to a much higher level by performing this stunt and is completely obsessed with it. He also insisted that I take this on as weekend homework, but sorry, ya girl has the same problem and that's not enough rear to hold the gear.

If you've mastered this stunt, we'd love to talk to you about IRON BUTT!

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