It looks like the NFL will spank Texas if it implements its current bathroom bill.

Scott Halleran, Getty Images
Scott Halleran, Getty Images

In a surprise to nobody, the Texas legislature is putting the state's economy at risk over where people pee.

It was first reported that Dallas will most likely lose the opportunity to host the 2018 draft, and now it's being reported that prospects for a Super Bowl aren't looking good either.

All Governor Greg Abbott has to say about it is that the NFL should stick to football and "get the heck out of politics," but that's idiotic. The NFL is an industry. It's a huge corporation with offices and teams all over America and the world. The recognize that their corporate image means something and they tenaciously protect it. In my opinion, Abbott needs to stick to politics and "get the heck out of the bathroom."

Trust me, this is just the first shoe dropping. The NFL will call in other organizations to bolster their position. Bands will drop Texas from their touring schedule. There will be serious fallout if this bill is passed. And remember, there have been ZERO instances where this proposed law is needed.

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