I have lived through the "death of radio" so many times I can't count.

C.D.s were supposed to kill radio. Satellites were supposed to kill radio. Streaming services were supposed to kill radio. None of it worked.  All of those things just gave us options like we always had. For the most part, people who enjoy those other options were people who listened to albums, eight-tracks, and mix tapes. Also, because you have other options, it doesn't mean that you gave up radio either, with all of these options, some people just put more entertainment in their lives.

I'm not just being a cheerleader for radio, there are facts to back this up. For instance, think of everybody out there on Facebook. Radio reaches more people than Facebook. How about those satellite streaming services, they sure seem to be all over, right? Radio reaches almost twice as many people as all of them combined.

I'm not really here to just brag on the radio though, I'm here to brag on you. It has always been my belief that people weren't just hanging around to hear their favorite song, they were hanging around for the communal experience it provides. Radio really is about all of us getting together and having a good time. Radio is like a giant, but very scattered party, and your d.j. is the host. Many people can pinpoint exact moments in their lives by what was happening on the radio at that time.

It has been my personal joy to connect with people over the radio and I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your undying support. Your local radio stations really do appreciate you and we hope we make your days a little brighter.

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