We all go through musical phases in our life, but for the largest chunk of my musical life, Tom Petty was my favorite.

Tom Petty was the man from about '76 to the mid 90s. Then again, you may think he's still the man. Let's just say that in those initial two decades, Petty was vital and his songwriting was unmatched.

When Petty first came out, he was classified as a "punk rocker" -- no doubt because of the leather jacket and big smirk on the cover of the first album. That album landed with a thud, and in fact "Breakdown" was released twice as a single. His second album did a little better, then his third album, Damn The Torpedoes, made him a household name.

Anyways, that kind of trivia will all be out there over the next few days. I wanted to share some personal memories of Tom, so I hope you enjoy the video.

(P.S. I KNEW it was '76. I dated his legacy as '77 in the video due to that re-release of "Breakdown.)

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