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That time Heathen took a pepper ball has become news.

When we pitched The RockShow to management, we promised that not only would we play lots of music, but that we had an idea for some stunts called "Torture Tuesday."

Now to be real and honest with you, Torture Tuesday is mostly the result of two guys with depression. After all, there's nothing like a little pain to make you feel alive. We took lancets to the forehead, stuck our feet inboxes full of red ants, hit each other with skateboards, and, most notoriously, we talked to a policeman friend of ours who just got certified with a pepper ball gun.

The pepper ball gag was the stunt that I drew the line at. I don't mind pain, but the idea of not being able to breathe was just a bit too much for me. Leave it to The Heathen (which would be a good name for a show) to not only encourage the stunt, but to take his shirt off as I  egged the officer on until he stepped closer to pop that cap.

Everything went as expected, but I never really expected those things to break the skin. Heathen still has a scar from being shot in the chest with a pepper ball. Since that time, that video has been viewed well over a half-million times by people who like stunts and by actual experts who want to study the effects.

The video is trending again because it is linked to in a Politifact article. Apparently, these pepper ball guns are being used in some situations, like the ongoing protests across the country.

In case you want to get right to the meat of the matter, you can also find it below.

***CAUTION*** There will be blood!

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