I'm not very big on the supernatural. There's plenty of things that are scary enough about this world.

found on: killmydaynow.com
found on: killmydaynow.com

So here's the bottom line to the latest scientific argument against ghosts. Ghosts would have to be made of energy. It only makes sense, since even the hardest core of believers would agree that if they did exist, you can't touch them or even talk to them. Are we all in agreement in here? Ghosts=Some Form Of Energy.

Now that we've established that ghosts can't exist without energy, then consider the fact that as far as we know, all energy can be measured. That takes us to our final conclusion since all energy can be measured, No Energy=No Ghosts.

Now all of this is much more complicated, but I do believe I have the basics covered here. Physics disprove that there's no way for your thoughts or being to travel out of this mortal realm. All of this was recently explained on a BBC t.v. show (their stuff has a little more depth than ours).

It's okay if you believed, or if you thought you saw "something", about half the people in the U.S. and U.K. also think that ghosts are real, now you have a big reason not to be scared.

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