Get ready for a throwdown at the Lone Star Events Center.

After a summer of few to no shows, it's time to Spring back. We will be waiting until August for this one, but that's just a little more time to build some anticipation and get things ready out at the Amp.

Facebook: Incubus
Facebook: Incubus

This year's event will star Incubus, in what we believe to be the first visit ever to our neck of the woods. Even though you know their songs by heart, let's go through just a few of them: "Pardon Me", "Stellar", "Wish You Were Here", "Drive", "Nice To Know You", "Dig", "Absolution Call", "Nimble Bastard". Clearly, Incubus has a STELLAR library of material to choose from (Sorry, I had to do that".

Getty Images: Theo Wargo
Getty Images: Theo Wargo

Next up is Third Eye Blind. Of course, you know the band from their MONSTER hit "Semi-Charmed Kind Of Life" because it's one of the biggest songs ever released by anyone, but don't sleep on "How's It Gonna Be" or "Jumper".

Bringing us a dose of the new stuff will be Badflower and special guest Paris Jackson.

Various packages will be available for the festival that offer different amenities so you can choose what is right for you. So let's look at this again:


Third Eye Blind


Paris Jackson

August 26th

Lone Star Events Center

Tickets on Sale Friday

Tickets will go on sale on April 7th (Friday) at See Tickets. Of course, we have hookups for the show.

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