Winds gusts up to 60 are possible tonight and tomorrow and that's just part of the problem.

Hail in Lubbock, Texas - May 28, 2015
Photo courtesy: Wes Nessman  Severe Hail

Officially it's a 50% chance of rain for today and a 90% chance for tonight with a high of 73. That's just fuel for the fire. The national weather service has issued a hazardous weather statement saying that all types of severe weather are possible (wind, hail) including tornadoes.

This is an extra good time to remember threats of severe weather in the Hub and the importance of keeping your eye on the sky; the anniversary of the tornado that tore Lubbock apart is this Thursday.

Like most threats, it will probably come and go with few problems. Still, if you can put your car in the garage or take other precautions like that, it's still smart to do so.

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