A company that sold bottled drink mixes online has issued a voluntary recall of their products after it was discovered that the mixes were produced in an unlicensed and uninspected facility.


Urban River Spirits announced the recall on July 2, 2024. Their line of mixes and syrups are all marked out-of-stock on their website as of the writing of this article.

Since the facility was unlicensed,  the mixes were possibly underprocessed, meaning what should have been shelf-stable items may have been contaminated with microorganisms like bacteria or fungi that could make a person ill.

The mixes contained real fruit, vegetable, and spice ingredients, along with sugars, making it possible that foodborne illnesses could thrive in the bottles if they were not properly processed.

From the FDA:

Urban Spirits is issuing a voluntary recall of Urban Spirits non-alcoholic drink mixes due to being produced in an unlicensed and uninspected facility. The product safety is undetermined due to potential under-processing. The product is packaged in 750 mL glass bottles.

The consumption of the recalled product may cause health risks.

If you purchased any Urban River Spirits mixes or syrups online, discontinue using the product. This is how to get a refund on your item(s):

Customers who may have purchased this product on or before 07/02/2024 are urged to return the product for a full refund to Urban River Spirits, LLC at 2114 Main St. Forest Grove OR, 97116, destroy the product, and may contact Michelle Garner Monday - Friday from 8 am to 5 pm at (503) 475-9765 with any questions or concerns.

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