I know you guys enjoyed fifty-cent corn dog day, now get ready for a new deal!

Who doesn't love Sonic? I've loved them so long that sometimes I still try to order a #2 even though that's not really a thing anymore (the burger is, ordering it by the #2 name is not). I'll also tell you that my wife who hangs with the craft crowd loves the app for the big-time discounts on drinks. I guess what I'm saying is, we're all pretty big fans of Sonic here.

So let's get to that deal for tomorrow, Wednesday, November 7th. Sonic is doing $1.29 Chilli Cheese Coneys. Now these are the six-inchers but that's still a heck of a deal. You could seriously grab up two of these for lunch and still be out of the door with tax for less than three bucks.

There are rules of course. First off, there is a limit of five (but I don't really know of many locations that really enforce the limit). Next up, you have to use the code word "CRAVE" online, in the Sonic app, or mention the deal when you order.

The combination of chili-cheese and hotdogs is just plain epic and you can go gonzo this Wednesday at your favorite Sonic.  I think you probably need an order of cheddar peppers on the side because I know I'd want an order of cheddar peppers on the side. Oh wait, some tots would also be good to mop up any extra chili that spills out of your chili-cheese coney as well. Anyways, get your C-3 (chili, cheese, coney) on tomorrow.

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