With just a little over a week before Godsmack, Staind and Halestorm kick off their Mass Chaos tour on April 13, the three bands recently joined forces to talk about the tour and what fans can expect.

With the two Massachusetts based rock bands, Godsmack and Staind, co-headlining the jaunt, there will be no ego-clashing on this tour; in fact, the two bands have nothing but respect for each other. When recently asked who would be closing out the shows each night, Staind guitarist Mike Mushok and Godsmack lead vocalist Sully Erna were both quick to say they’d be happy to open for one another.

Erna had nothing but compliments for his tourmates, saying, “Both bands are strong; all three bands are strong. The whole lineup is great. Any single one of these bands could go on first, second, or third; it wouldn’t matter. I mean, the whole package is really strong and I’m really excited about it.”

Mushok couldn’t agree more, chiming in with, “There was talk about swapping back and forth, but I have no problem with Godsmack closing the show at the end of the night. I think, like you said, Sully, you guys do your drum thing and we kind of just go out there and play our songs. So, we’ll play the same amount of time, the same productions, so as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t really matter to me.”

For fans wondering if there will be any live collaboration between the two bands, the two admit they’ve talked about it but nothing has been decided just yet. According to Erna, “We’re definitely going to consider it and we’re going to try to put something together that just tops the night off and becomes fun for everybody.”

The Mass Chaos tour kicks off on April 13 in Augusta, Ga. and runs through the end of May with the last show in Bangor, Maine on May 18. Check out all the dates here.

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