Do you think a robot could do your job?

You probably should think about this a bit more in-depth. Automation can replace a lot of humans, and the smarter the automation gets, the more humans it will replace. We're also at a time when places are struggling to get human help so you can bet somebody is working a machine to assist somewhere in the background.

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A new study by puts 65.5 percent of Lubbock workers at high or medium risk of being automated out of a job. All of this would occur over time, but it's still a crazy concept. I don't even know if this is something you need to worry about now, but if you're starting a career you might want to focus on jobs that cannot be automated.

To put you a tiny bit more at ease, Lubbock is only slightly higher than the average for the rest of the United States, according to Commodity:


The analysis found that 43.1% of Lubbock metro area workers are at high risk of becoming automated. An additional 22.4% are at medium risk, while 34.5% are deemed low risk. Here is a summary of the data for the Lubbock, TX metro area:

  • Share of workers at high risk of automation: 43.1%
  • Total workers at high risk of automation: 39,580
  • Share of workers at medium risk of automation: 22.4%
  • Share of workers at low risk of automation: 34.5%

For reference, here are the statistics for the entire United States:

  • Share of workers at high risk of automation: 41.9%
  • Total workers at high risk of automation: 40,440,800
  • Share of workers at medium risk of automation: 21.2%
  • Share of workers at low risk of automation: 37.0%

So does any of this make you rethink where you are at in life or were you already rethinking your options? The future is a crazy thing; it's always here before you know it.

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