Recently, I read a post on Facebook about a really cool place located just outside of Muleshoe.

How I have never heard of this place in the twenty plus years I have lived here is beyond me, but somehow I haven't.

The place I am talking about is the Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge located about ten minutes outside of town.

Naturally, after reading this guys post I decided to take a drive out there and check it out for myself.

This beautiful piece of Texas has been a recognized refuge for cranes and other birds and wildlife since 1935.

We didn't see a single bird while we were there, but the sunset was a sight to see.

There are saline lakes and lots of wide open space for all kinds of critters to live.

One of the signs posted said the best time to see all the birds is between October and the beginning of December so obviously we missed it by a few months.

I encourage you to check it out though, it is definitely a hidden gem.

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