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I saw a picture on my Facebook that I just had to share.

We've talked about this a number of times on The RockShow, and it's true: tattoo shops are some of the safest and most sanitary places out there.

Let's back up a little bit. I don't know this gentleman (other than on Facebook), and I don't know his shop. I do know that the shops that I've been in follow very similar procedures, and, in many ways, this is nothing new to them.

Tattoo artists are very familiar with the fact that they are, in a small way, breaking skin, and that germs can cause a good tattoo to go bad. They've always taken precautions to make sure that nothing is going to ruin their good work and/or good name in the business.

If you haven't had a tattoo, then you don't understand what it's like. It is therapy for so many people. Despite the uncomfortable parts, being tattooed is somehow relaxing, and some even get a little high off the process. (I don't know if "high" is the right word, but it's certainly a special feeling.)

For the record, this is Nick Collins at Seven Venoms Tattoo and he had no idea that his picture would be so impactful. He's just doing business the best way he knows how. I saw the picture and believe Nick and all of the other tattoo artists out there deserve some respect for stepping up during this crisis.

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