Texas ranked 46 in a new survey about patriotism.

The Wallethub study basically looked at 13 indicators across two groupings, military activity and civic activity. In short, while Texas overperformed in the subgroup of military enlistees (taking 4th in the U.S.), we really suck when it comes to volunteering across the board.

One of the saddest facts on the survey is that Texas also ranks 46th in terms of adults who voted in the last election.

So what can be said about this study? Well, it kind of all depends on how you define 'patriotism.' We sure do talk a red, white and blue game around here, but we're not as neighborly as we claim to be.

If you ask me, Texas has a much bigger problem with patriotism. You can't really claim to be a patriot while driving around with a "secede" bumper sticker on your truck.

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