Representative Cecil Bell has put forth a bill that would take the salaries and benefits away from state and local employees who issue marriage licenses to gays.

Bell, a Republican lawmakers smells that change is in the air and he's trying to manipulate the issue through the backdoor.

An appeals court is set to rule on Texas' ban on gay marriage. To try to circumvent the lifting of the ban, this hateful lugnut put forth a bill that punishes others for issuing the marriage certificates if they become available.

This is really low, scumbag politics. The majority of Americans are in favor of allowing same-sex marriage, but for some reason we keep voting in assbags who go contrary to the public's wants and needs.

I'm sure Representative Bell thinks he's clever for trying this tact. I find it to be just plain hateful.

Anyone who would go out of their way to deny someone else happiness deserves to be thrown in a pit for eternity. Texas has always been a place where people live and let live and we don't need this type of hateful legislation. Texas is on the wrong side of history here. Allowing gay couples to marry has zero to do with your marriage or way of life. Just let them be happy.

Here's Cecil Bell's 2012 campaign ad: