Do you think it's possible than the many myths we've heard could add up to one reality?

The Bear King-Pixlr
The Bear King-Pixlr

Texas Cryptids

We've covered a number of Texas Cryptids here and I will make links to them available at the end of this post. I bring this up, because so many of these Texas Cryptids, and other cryptids seem to add up to something that could still be described as a "bigfoot-like creature". The "Bear King Of Marble Falls" could certainly be a bigfoot, if either exists.

The Bear King

"Bear King" means just what you think it might, the "King Of The Bears", as in the leader of all of the bears. I having been able to find anything about the Bear King having any actual influence over bears, so it may have just got the name due to it's resemblance to a bear, but intellect more similar to a mans.

The Legend

The story of the Bear King comes from the Kickapoo Indians, and it was applied to an actual incident. In 1901 a young girl was abducted and carried away into the Bear King's lair. She escaped, and a hunting party of men tracked the animal, confronted it, and eventually shot and killed it. Unfortunately for the cryptid hunters out there, there was no mention of what happened to the remains. All that is really known about the even is that the Bear King beat it's chest and "screamed like a panther" (Does this sound like a gorilla to anyone else?).

The Location

All of this reportedly happened around the Marble Falls area of Texas. There doesn't appear to be any further sightings. The closest sighting of this sort was on the Perdernales River, south of Marble Falls and east of Cedar Park.

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